This is a total nightmare

When I was younger I used to pity my friends who had allergies in addition and had to take medication during the springtime and summertime.  My friend Nate had to take medication every day but then he would still sneeze when the pollen count was high that season or if he tried to pet the a cat.  Then, when I became a teenager I developed allergies, too! The allergist said it can happen and, in addition, the medication didn’t really. Instead, my parents researched what they could do to help and they figured out our HVAC system held the key.  Our heating, ventilation & A/C didn’t create my allergies, but they were contributing to the bad air quality in the house as well as some of my breathing concerns. The HVAC supplier said our air ducts needed to be cleaned and proposed we vacuumed them from now on at least once a year.  My parents also asked him to check the air filters, they needed to be changed, too. In fact, because my allergies were so severe, the HVAC supplier told us about adding an air purification system to our existing HVAC unit, in addition to exchanging our current air filters for more sensitive filters for my condition.  These current air filters collect finer particles and he said other customers had been having good success with stopping allergy symptom. After only a month of using the current air filters, in addition to having the entire HVAC air duct cleaned, my coughing and sniffling was not nearly as bad! Sure, I still had to be careful petting pets, but my allergies were not as nightmarish as before.  I was so ecstatic the HVAC supplier gave such good recommendations to my parents.

air quality system 

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