It is musty and smelly in here

Every Wintertime I suffer through this chilly weather and wish warm season was right around the corner.  Last year I decided enough was enough and booked a trip to the caribbean as soon as the snowflakes began to fall.  I picked out our swimsuits, shorts, sunglasses, and tank tops and got to the airport early to wait for our adventure to begin.  The flight began well, but during the longest part of the journey I was extremely uncomfortable with the air circulation and the air purifier.  I’, not even sure if airlines have air filters but it didn’t seem as though they did. The air was musty and smelly and it was too warm on the plane, even though it was Winter time.  When we landed I stuffed our jackets and gloves into our luggage and was ready for the tropical heat! It was so elegant..for a short time. There were a few people going to the same hotel so all of us waited for the shuttle to arrive.  I kept stepping back into the airport with the refreshing air conditioning because the sun was blazingly warm outside. Finally, the bus arrived and all of us all loaded up with our luggage to head to the hotel. Can you think of our luck that the bus did not have any air conditioning?  I thought it was a fluke and then realized that many of the vehicles did not have this temperature control ability. I was so grateful to reach the hotel and change the a/c temperature control to the temperature of our choice, and i still enjoyed our trip, even though the temperature control wasn’t perfect the entire time.

cooling equipment 

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