Closing the curtains

I appreciate the outdoors however I’m allergic to numerous things, it’s taxing to truely love the natural world when it makes me sneeze plus break out into hives.  I’m also overly sensitive to insect bites. So, I fixed this complication by building a lovely porch to watch the critters plus birds outside however still be comfortable.  The entire porch is enclosed, so it’s completely weather conditions controlled plus my family can can have supper plus watch the sunset through the big windows. It’s certainly lovely living in the country and seeing all the nature separate from sneezing or being covered in insect bites.  I believe I’m the one in the family that appreciates the porch the most, because everyone else in the family can go outside separate from the issues that I have while still being comfortable. I certainly love the air conditioning on muggy warm evenings plus the giant windows that makes the outdoors so available to me.  It’s unfortunate that my health limits me to be inside when I appreciate the natural world, however I’m so ecstatic to have this weather conditions controlled enclosed porch plus ability to see the world. It’s even a lovely in the Wintertime. I love to study books with all the curtains open to see the daylight streaming into the porch.  It definitely puts me in a better mood when I can spend time on the porch plus not have to worry about the temperature outdoors. I’m looking forward to next warm season; enjoying the birds from the new bird feeder my fiance hung in the tree outside the windows.


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