I know we have a problem

When we obtained our house a few years ago, I knew it was in need of some renovations.  The home is well over a hundred years old, and lacked a lot of new amenities. I was hoping, however, to hold off on starting any project immediately.  Unfortunately, that first Winter, I realized I had to make some improvements to temperature control. Since the Winter weather in this state is brutal, with temperatures very chilly, the heating system is a major concern.  Despite turning the control component setting higher and higher, our house was chilly. The bottom floor was especially uncomfortable, with noticeable drafts and extra chilly spots. The gas furnace was running nonstop, unable to handle demand, and I was forced to buy a heated blanket for the bed.  I was a little surprised by the issue with the heating idea since it was only a few years old and had been well tested. The high cost of the yearly energy bills convinced my family to hire an HVAC contractor to inspect the gas furnace. I was relieved when the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor found no concerns with the gas furnace.  He recommended that I invest in new windows for the first story of the house. Once I took the time to inspect the windows, it was obvious that they were ancient, not properly sealed and allowing in outside air. My heated air was literally flying straight out the windows, making it impossible to maintain a hot home. When I looked into replacement windows, I was not excited about the cost.  Upgrading all the windows added up to over 2 thousand dollars. I am now hoping the much lower yearly heating costs will reclaim the investment.

HVAC repair 

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