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Because I live in the northern region of the country, there is no need to invest in a central cooling system.  My family is lucky if our Summer weather lasts for 3 weeks. All of us get a ton of rain and the mornings are often chilly.  However, we do occasionally experience Summer heat temperatures in the upper nineties, and the humidity in this section is often brutal.  While I’m cheerful to open the windows and welcome in a fresh breeze, the house can become extremely overheated and stuffy. Box fans help with the stuffiness and deliver some relief, however they aren’t a perfect solution.  It can be tough to get a good night’s sleep. I have invested in portable a/cs for the house. By shopping around, I’ve found good deals on portable cooling units. With advancements in technology, these window a/cs are super compact, lightweight and quiet.  They are surprisingly energy efficient and powerful. I simply install the a/c into the window in the Springtime, check the cleanliness of the air filter, and plug it in. Within a few hours, it is perfectly cool inside. There is no need to run the a/c all day long and spend a fortune on high electric bills… Everyone in the family simply starts  up their individual a/c as they get ready for bed. Since we each have our own cooling unit, we can regulate the temperature to our personal preferences. A cordless remote makes it simple to adjust the temperature or fan speed without ever getting out of bed. I like that the a/c drowns out the sounds of traffic, barking pets, and morning birds.  

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