This is costing a fortune

I currently have a forced air furnace and central cooling system installed in my home, and I’m not happy with it.  The furnace is only a few old and we’ve only had the A/C for a little over four years. Although both components are pretty new, I’m not having luck with their performance.  This type of heating and cooling system heavily relies on HVAC duct to carry the conditioned air to the many rooms of the house. Despite consistently having the duct system professionally cleaned and sealed on many occasions, it continues to be a nuisance.  There’s always tiny holes or leaks at the seams which waste a tremendous amount of energy. The average duct system allows up to thirty percent of heated/cooled air to escape. Plus, the duct system carries all sorts of contaminants, such as dust, pollen, bugs, mold, and even dead rodents.  Every time the fresh air passes through the HVAC duct, it picks up harmful bacteria and pollutants and spreads them throughout the house, causing illness. The HVAC duct is also very noisy. It rattles, shakes, and wakes myself and family up whenever the furnace or A/C turns on. During the Winter months, the warm air tends to rise straight up to the ceiling.  It only falls back down after it cools down. Because of this, I need to set the control component much higher and spend a fortune on my heating bills. If I climb up on a ladder, the air near the ceiling is extremely hot. Meanwhile, down near the floor, my house is cold. The furnace and A/C also require a fantastic deal of maintenance. I try to change the air filter every month or so and scheduling professional cleaning twice per year.  While it would be way too costly to tear out the entire heating/cooling system and start fresh, I have considered it.


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