The temperature is finally being set

A few weeks ago, I was required to fly across the country for a business related event.  It was the middle of December, so the local weather was very terrible. The temperature had shifted down to twelve below zero, in addition to that the snow fell non stop.  Before I could depart for the airport, I had to shovel the driveway, scrape the ice off the windshield and let the gas furnace run in the car for fifteen minutes. I then raced from my parking lot to the terminal, dragging my suitcase while nearly frozen to death.  I was bundled up in a heavy coat in addition to a layer of shirts. Right away I started to sweat when I stepped inside. The commercial oil furnace was blasting heat from vents throughout the building, so there was no getting away from it. I stuffed my coat in addition to a few layers in my suitcase, but I still felt overheated.  By the time I boarded the plane, I had a massive headache from the heat of the oil furnace. On the plane, there was a constant influx of cold air coming through. Despite turning off the overhead vent, I was freezing for the entire flight. I have no idea what type of heating/cooling system is installed into that plane, although I would have loved to turn up the thermostat for my sanity.  I wished I had access to my wool coat. On my layover, I once again was subject to a warm oil furnace, and again ended up damp with sweat. By the time I arrived at my hotel, I was fatigued, unhappy in addition to sweaty. I couldn’t wait to be in charge of the temperature setting and be able to choose between heating in addition to cooling.

heating and air 

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