These power surges are strange

Basically every year my partner & I get into a crucial argument that could be scripted at this point… I pretty much say, “it was your decision to come to the Southeast because you wanted to be in a warmer climate”, then he yells back, “well let’s move then & drop the life we’ve created here”. It pretty much always happens just like clockwork around hurricane season. Last year we had the most terrible argument because the tropical storms hit us in mid-May. Last year the force of the hurricane pretty much left our house without power for a few weeks. Every year, the outside device of our A/C system takes a horrible beating from the weather & we must have periodic service checks to ensure there aren’t permanent issues caused. Both of us talked over the issue one morning & came up with a fairly solid plan for this hurricane season. We’re planning to shut off the air conditioner device altogether & covering our outdoor A/C appliance. Both of us want to be prepared for any electrical power surges & be prepared if there’s any flooding. When the storm finally moves on & all of us are given the clear that our neighbors have electricity, we’ll restore power to our A/C appliance and remove any debris that is covering our A/C appliance. I know this is a pretty brilliant plan of mine however my partner still thinks that we should just move while the green light is there. I reassure him often that our plan will most definitely work out & moving before hurricane season will be more of a hassle than progressive. Regardless, he is totally distraught & already looking at houses in the northeastern space of the country.

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