My clunky old air conditioner

The first time I bought my house, I had some pretty bold plans about caring for it. Though I was not a handyman and had never even taken shop classes in night school, I thought  I would be able to act the handyman & take care of this up-to-date home! My heart was in the right place, but I didn’t properly think it through, & ponder the facts that first, I had no experience & second, I had no tools. Tools are very crucial with being a handyman, so it turned out that I was very poorly equipped to deal with plumbing, electricity, carpentry, or HVAC method repair & upkeep.   

          Thankfully,I had an okay neighbor, a retiree, who used to be a handyman & had some experience with oil furnaces; What a lucky break, I thought.  Now, if my gas furnace ever broke I could just go next door & get some advice. Wrongly, I assumed that if he knew heating, he also knew cooling method repair. But an A/C & a gas furnace are not the same, and though he was excellent with gas furnace repair, he had little knowledge dealing with A/C units. But at least he had enough know-how so that he could tell me what was wrong with the air conditioner!

          He helped me to maintain the method properly, & clear out the HVAC duct & air filters. That, by itself, added years of life to my ancient A/C. But if my gas furnace ever dies, at least I know to call my neighbor. 

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