I need some water

After work on Fridays, a group of us from the workplace all like to hit up the same watering hole to let loose & exercise some of those demons that gathered over the week. I have been working at the same Heating & Air Conditioning business for the past thirty years & a lot of these guys are pretty much like family to me now. A bunch of us even party on Memorial Day & other holidays to have BBQs & get our families together for some pleasant times. As you can entirely guess the Heating & Air Conditioning business we work at is a small locally owned supplier. In  fact, several years ago the founder of the shop opened it up for us employees to buy into the supplier… So most of us are all partial owners now! That actually helps quite a bit with morale, task retention, & the overall willingness to go a long ways. In the thirty years I have worked at this Heating & Air Conditioning business I have seen plenty of changes to the industry. Furnace & A/C technology has changed so much over the years… Mostly it has to do with the coming of the digital age. Here’s an example that will bring this story full-circle. A few weeks back while we were having our normal winding-down at the bar it started getting noticeably sizzling & stuffy inside the bar. It’s the middle of warm season & the A/C had quit working altogether. I was feeling like the greatest Heating & Air Conditioning tech in the world & I said I would check it out. Only I couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with it. In my complete inebriated state I couldn’t remember how to examine the current digital temperature control they had there.

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