I really want to be careful

I had been planning a nice vacation to the tropics for over a year. I was going to a locale that I had consistently wanted to go with a good group of friends by my side. I didn’t know if life could get any better… We had even splurged for first-class seats on the plane ride there, and when we made it there, to add to the vacation high, the hotel comped us a bottle of champagne! We basically spent that entire first afternoon in complete paradise. The next afternoon brought a great deal of rain, and with it, awful news from home. The man watching over our dwelling called me to let me know that our house was entirely cold. Something was seriously wrong with the oil furnace, and it wasn’t turning on in the least. Seeing as I was halfway across the world on vacation, it wasn’t exactly a great time to hear that terrible news. I called my mother and asked if she would be able to go to the dwelling and wait for a Heating and Air Conditioning repairman if I could make an appointment before I got back. I appreciate my mom very much, she immediately got off the iPhone with me and made all the calls and arrangements so that I didn’t have to try to do it from the hotel. I was so grateful to her for doing all of that. She called me a few days later to let me know the heating appliance was up and running again and that the cost hadn’t been too extravagant. I got off so easily from that one! I didn’t even have to call to make the appointment with the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier! I didn’t have to wait for the Heating and Air Conditioning worker to come and then have him be a few hours late! I just sat back and relaxed on the beach the entire time and then came back to the condo to a perfectly operating oil furnace! Next time I happen to go on vacation, I’m taking my wonderful mom. She so deserves it.

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