I’m quite okay with the space heater

I easily have the strangest “I love you” story of any couple out there, and i’d be willing to bet on it. My husband, way back when, told me how he loved me while we were totally shivering our tails off in the midst of a snowstorm. We had gone on a mini-holiday to a bed-and-breakfast only to discover, as every one of us drove, that a storm was setting in. By the time it hit, we had made it to our endpoint, however we were totally worried about the aftereffects. By midnight that night, the power had gone out altogether, plus the gas furnace had stopped working as well. Many of the guests made the decision to huddle together downstairs by the largest fireplace in the dwelling, however Frank plus I were stubborn about staying together… Just us two. It was our first weekend away together ever. We fortunately had a fireplace in our room at least. We also had plenty of wood. What I wouldn’t have given for an area furnace though. That is, until I realized I had brought the area furnace along with me… Frank was as warm as the fire, plus it didn’t take much for me to be glad we had the thick covers huddled around us to keep perfectly comfortable from his heat. The night wasn’t all that bad with him there plus the fire crackling. The storm wasn’t all that awful, plus the gas furnace was fixed by the very next night. It didn’t really matter though, with my personal area furnace right next to me. I remember just looking at him with this amazed plus half dazed feeling filling inside me plus I just blurted it out: “I love you.” He smiled at my outburst plus put his warm hand in mine. “I love you too,” he said to me.

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