That system needs a new filter

                                            There is nothing uglier than an exposed air duct. My hubby Greg and I recently purchased a little beach home. We wanted a winter season residence in a location that was warmer. We also wanted to be mere steps from the beach. Also, Greg and I did not want to invest buying a little retreat shack, so him and I had to buckle on a few things. The home is quite small and compact. As a result basically my hubby and I are the only things that can fit in there. The beach house also runs at a tilt, and you either go up or downhill constantly while walking through the house. Also, the little shack is pretty hideous. It is a horrible bright yellow color, and the walls inside are gross. However even worse are the HVAC ducts. You may wonder how is the air duct ugly? Well the prior homeowners purchased a central Heating and A/C device for this little place. It was too small and old to set up the air duct normally. The Heating and A/C ducts should have been placed inside of the walls and ceiling, but the beach house could not support this. So what the homeowners did was just set up the air duct on the outside of the walls in plain sight. The ducts get covered in dust, crud, and filth. Also, they seriously take up wall area with how massive they are. Greg and I are not even pleased with the power on the central Heating and A/C unit. It is not even that good of a device. In the end, the air duct basically serves no function other than to take up space and collect the endless dust in our house.

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