I’m planning to warm up

I am a dance teacher, and have been dancing since I was a small child. It is absolutely the thing I adore the most in my life. I have such a passion for the music and the movement that goes along with dance. I adore creating a play through interpretive dance or a dramatization of any story within the music. The costumes can be so amazing and glamorous, it is hard to know anything not as charming. I have to say there is actually 1 thing that I don’t love about dance, and that is the classroom I dance in. I have to admit that I don’t love to be freezing at all. It could be a hot summer day outside, and I will still find myself chilled to the bone waiting for the central heating to heat me up. The dance studios are always freezing. They seem to think that you are your own personal furnace once you get moving. Even when they do turn the temperature control up, the heat is coming from the upper air vents and I can barely feel it. Recently, the dance studio went through a total update. The local Heating and Air Conditioning supplier was offering a good deal on Radiant Floor Heat Installation, and it was too good to pass up! The heat comes from pipes installed beneath the dance floor that are heated, and once the temperature control is engaged and warmed up, the heat slowly rises up and holds in the studio so much longer than the central heating can offer. I adore it the most on my feet as it warms my toes as I dance around the studio through routines.

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