We’re fine with this air conditioner

                                            I paid a lot of extra money to be at a gym that also has a swimming pool. You see, I love swimming for exercise. I get to paddle around, be perfectly cool, I never sweat, and I actual love doing it too. It used to be great, but now, the gym has changed the thermostat setting in the pool area, and there now is heavy A/C in the pool area Having A/C with cool water is not very pleasant, and when I change into my swimsuit and walk to the pool, I am cold. The last thing I want to do is get into the water. I basically have to force myself to do it now. The whole time I am swimming, I can fully feel the cold cooling system blowing on me. I try to get as deep into the water I can, so I don’t feel that extremely cold air! Getting out of the pool is worse. I suppose that the cooling program air is leaking out of the ductwork. I need to walk under the ductwork in order to get to the locker room. There is then another Heating, Ventilation and A/C duct opening in the locker room. It is a steady torture test from the time I get out of the pool and into dry clothes. I basically run to get out, shower in hot water, and dress as hastily as possible. Whose bright system was it putting A/C in the pool? Is the gym on one centralized cooling system? That would make sense if the task out area used the same A/C as the pool. Although geez, close the ductwork off to the pool if that is the case.

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