The ducts are too small

When my husband and I first mortgaged our older condo in the historic section of our city, both of us were elated by the existing plaster walls, hardwood floors, high ceilings and large sized windows. He and I soon realized though that the condo was going to be nearly impractical to heat and cool on our own. The former owners of the place had just closed off most of the rooms and depended on a bunch of personal heaters, box fans and portable Air Conditioners.  They were overjoyed to ruin the appearance of the condo with extension cords sprawled all over the floor and a cooling component that they had stuffed in the window upstairs. My husband and I both felt we wanted to find a more tasteful, effective as well as an energy efficient alternative. We had actually considered the idea of a having forced air oil furnace and central cooling system, but then we hated the idea of possibly cutting down the existing walls that we loved. After I consulted over the phone with a local Heating & Air Conditioning professional, my husband and I decided on obtaining a high velocity heating and cooling unit. This particular type of temperature control utilizes much smaller ducts and also are flexible and can still snake itself through the home’s interior and not cause any damage. The ducts are retrofitted to go between studs in between the walls, in the small section beneath the floor, and even concealed in the ceilings. There was no remodeling necessary or any teardown required, and we both dealt with no significant mess or damage done. The high velocity Heating & Air Conditioning system was installed quickly and provides us with year round temperature control. It is powerful enough to rapidly heat or cool the rooms, and maintains relatively even hot and cold temperatures from the floor to the ceiling. I enjoy that is wonderfully quiet and energy efficient, and it’s effective at handling excess humidity. My husband and I had a good amount of choices for the vents, and they all were far smaller than most conventional vents.  

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