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In the city that I moved to, the Wintertime season is everyone’s top priority! The frigid weather mostly lasts for several weeks during the year. It is not uncommon to need to rely on the heating systems from September until early May. We sometimes experience outside temperatures down to twenty below zero, with harsh wind chill, and our heating costs are a pain.  Because of this happening, I haven’t personally felt the need to go out and get a central cooling system. I simply don’t the notion to go through the extra work or expense of the whole installation project, and I see no good reason to be subjected to paying large Summer electric bills. During the Summer months, the majority of my time I’m outdoors anyway! I can live just fine with open windows and some box fans. I really do look forward to the chance to get some fresh air in the house. It is imperative to seal the apartment up snugly all Winter season plus it seems to get absolutely too dry and stuffy! Even still, it can be seriously annoying to sleep at night in an overheated and sticky house. I have had to invest in portable air conditioners for all of the home windows upstairs. I searched for sales at local hardware stores and was eventually able to purchase these cooling units at a decent price. Modern cooling technology is most certainly awesome in that these units are super light, compact and noiseless. I can install the air conditioners in the window with ease and have them up and running in no time. They operate from pressing the cordless remotes, and it makes settings and adjustments easy and extremely convenient. Even with the small size, these air conditioners are mighty enough to handle truly hot and steamy weather.  

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