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I could barely contain my excitement when my parents told me they were moving down south. We’ve all been living in the northeast since my childhood, and they were officially over the bitterness of winter up here. The house they finally closed on was so well kept with several modernizations, you would think it would have costed way more than it actually did! The home they now have cost about half of what they spent on my childhood home. One of the aforementioned modernizations was a central AC unit. Even though they have full access to it now, my parents still don’t really use it that much. Our family simply isn’t accustomed to a lot of air conditioning in the house. That’s thanks to the fact that the weather was cold enough where we were that an air conditioner simply wasn’t that necessary. We also didn’t use much AC anyway since we had to be money-conscious – particularly when it came to the energy bill. Just in time for summer, my dad decided they would install awnings to make the house look even nicer from the outside. Mom took the liberty of picking the pattern herself. Dad was a little worried at first, seeing as the pattern Mom like was a bit higher priced than the practical pattern he was looking at, he was quick to be silent when the utility bill came in though. Not only had Mom’s wise choice of awning pattern make the value of their house go up, it also helped with keeping the house cool. This saved them a ton of money on their utility bill!

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