High temperature

My husband Jack and I can’t decide on what new stuff to get. Jack and I have saved some money and both of us wanted to get different things with it. Jack has desperately wanted A/C for a while now. He tends to get hot at night and claims the air conditioning system will help him sleep in the evening. He wants to have a ductless mini split air conditioning system set up in our family room. I hate A/C and think it makes me sick, plus we also live in the north where A/C isn’t a necessity. I already let him have a fan in the family room, so I don’t know why he needs more. Also a ductless A/C component is quite high-priced, and you also have to pay for the A/C installation. Jack thinks he could do the set up, however I am sceptical. What I want to get is a humidifier for our furnace. In the winter, our skin dries out to the extreme. I get static shock walking around and frizzy hair. Jack’s lips chap and his hands crack. A humidifier would help with our dry indoor air quality. I also studied up online and saw that installing a humidifier with your furnace makes it more efficient. The added moisture in the air quality makes the air more pleasant. With my idea, both of us are saving money and our health. Jack wants to spend money for personal comfort only. We’ve been arguing about it, so only time will tell who wins this fight on A/C or a humidifier for the air quality.

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