Recognizing the problems

Last week I got into quite a hurried situation.  I had a special  appointment that I made that started at 10 in the morning and, wouldn’t you know it – I overslept! I got out of bed with only 15 minutes to get ready and drive to my appointment. I got dressed without showering, ran out of the house, and drove to the meeting site. I luckily made it on time. But it didn’t turn out to be so lucky after all. I had forgotten to adjust my thermostat before leaving the apartment. My Heating and A/C system is super touchy. I have found that if I leave the thermostat at the desired temperature during the day, it seems to tax the furnace too much. The result is that by using it all day and night, it typically shuts down altogether.  So as my rushed day ended, I found that the apartment was totally overheated. The furnace was completely unresponsive, having shut itself off. And then it wouldn’t start back up again. What a hassle this day was turning out to be! Now I had to deal with a broken heating & cooling system. It was all because I overslept. I sighed and called up the local Heating and A/C business, one known for being honest and reliable. I used their services a few years back when I needed some work done on my ductwork. The owner of the Heating and A/C company recognized my name from a couple years back. I was surprised & pleased; He sent out an honest Heating and A/C technician who had my furnace back & running within a short while after arriving. This day didn’t turn out too bad after all. My furnace works better now than it did before!

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