I enjoy a good walk

I had a rough week. I work as a professional landscaper, and this particular week was exceptionally hot. It wasn’t just the heat that was beating us down, it was the amount of work itself! Our team usually only works until four in the afternoon, but had been working until six o’clock for several days in a row! It was brutal, to say the least, and when I got home each night, all I wanted to do was sit back and enjoy my air conditioner. I had recently updated my entire heating and cooling system, which included a smart temperature control. This device helped with my HVAC system comfort levels and lowered my energy costs. I was able to switch on my air conditioner by simply pushing a button on my smart iPhone. It was a genuinely amazing HVAC extra feature! I was sure ecstatic to have it last week, as I was too  tired to even walk over to my thermostat once I got home. I collapsed on my couch and used my smart temperature control app to turn my air conditioner to a cooler setting. I was completely worn out from both the amount of work and the exceptionally hot days. To say that I was ecstatic to be home in my nicely cooled home is no exaggeration.  I simply laid back and enjoyed the nice cool breeze coming out of the air ducts of my newly updated HVAC system. I had something to look forward to each night after the long hot days. The next day to look forward to was pay on Friday!

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