There’s something wrong with the humidity

Thanks to the colder weather conditions in our local area, I tend to run the furnace from mid September until sometime in April.  To keep our energy costs as low as they can be, I’ve taken every precaution to fix up our beach condo and prevent energy leaks. Through weatherstripping, caulking and added insulation, I’ve sealed up crack and holes.  I’ve made sure the heated air doesn’t try to leak outdoors, and I’ve stopped the waves of cold, outside air. While I’ve minimized our biweekly heating bills, I’ve kept the same stale air indoors for approximately four months. With the furnace blasting, this air becomes severely dry and unhealthy.  Consequences of insufficient humidity include chapped lips, frizzy hair, greater susceptibility to infection, irritated skin, sore throat, and other symptoms of flu symptom and asthma. On top of that, dry air feels colder, leading to higher thermostat readings, greater energy use, and more expensive gas bills.  To counter all of these problems, I’ve invested in a large condo humidifier. The humidifier works with the furnace and actively introduces fresh moisture into the air. I chose a steam-style humidifier because it is a natural means of creating moisture, and it can handle the square footage of a larger area. The steam style humidifier features electroduces which turn water to steam, and it allows custom settings to optimize comfort.  It operates quietly, requires actually little updating, and has definitely saved tons of money on our heating bills to pay for itself. My house is far more comfortable now and feels cleaner. I sleep better at night, have more energy during the day, and have been to the doctor less.

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