I don’t think I need this heater anymore

I recently had to get a new central heating furnace. The main reason I wanted our furnace out was that it ran with electric. Electric powered heating systems are really real efficient. 100% of the energy they take is being used to heat your home. Yes, after while the electric bill is pricey, but, with an oil or gas oil furnace, the material is ground up in order to be use. This means not all the gas and oil you purchase is being used to heat… I thought I was so smart getting an electric oil furnace. However my section experiences a lot of dire weather–just about every month there is a wind or thunderstorm. At least once a month our power goes out, and periodically it only goes out for an hour, sometimes it can go for days at a time. In the Wintertime this is bad because I lose heating power. My electric furnace won’t turn on or provide heating without power. I had to buy a special generator in order to have heating. My family has a swimming pool that every one of us bathe in when the power is out… We then boil the water to cook or wash with it. We honestly don’t suffer that bad without power. The electric furnace was the one source of irritation. I finally got rid of the generator & electric heater. I updated the furnace with a gas heating model. Yes, the gas is not 100% efficient, but I have reliable heating now. It is nice not having to worry about freezing to death in Wintertime. It is nice not messing with a generator anymore too.

furnace tune-up 

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