We do need temperature control

My roommate Lyle recently got a new dog and moved him into our apartment, but I was not excited in the slightest about this. I am not a dog guy and the dog has given me nothing however grief. I believe the main issue is that Lola does not properly care for or train him. The dog literally reeks. I don’t believe Lola has bathed the little fella once. He also gets left in the townhouse for hours while everyone of us are both at work. He poops and pees in our living room now. It smells so bad in Lola’s room that I have to shut the door. The dog and bathroom smells are getting sucked up into the air duct in our apartment. The central heating and A/C unit turns on, the smells get sucked into the ductwork, and then the smell spreads from room to room. I am embarrassed to have people over due to how stinking our air quality is. I don’t know what to do. I have cleaned our carpets with a rug doctor. I have washed all the curtains and sheets. I even gave the dog a bath because I could not stand it anymore. I have talked to Lyle about fixing the bathroom issue, although he has not done anything. I looked online and learned that there are dual stage air purifiers available to buy. Apparently you set up the air purification system with your heating and A/C equipment. The air purifier then cleans the air as the heating and A/C takes it in, but would this solve the puppy smell in our indoor quality issue?

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