I do enjoy the air conditioning

I work as a mechanic and the only thing I hate about the task is the heating and AC. I hate that the secretaries in the office get quality heating and AC and I don’t. The mechanic shop is set up in many zones… You either are in the office where people come to make appointments, or you are in the garage where you put the automobile on a lift and repair it. The mechanic shop definitely made a mistake when it got its heating and AC system. There is a ductless mini split heating and AC component in the office. The office guys get ductless heating and AC all afternoon long. There is a thermostat set right next to it so they can adjust the temperature. In the Summer they have quality cooling and temperature control at their fingertips. In the garage, I have a basic box fan. I get so overheated and sweaty that it runs in my eyes. I nearly pass out once a Summer due to the lack of AC–working with mechanic tools and tepid cars gets to be rough. A little bit of air conditioning would go a long way. In the Winter, the office guys have ductless heating. They are in 76 degree conditions while I am literally in the snow. The two of us need to open up the garage for people to drive in–snow literally pours in and so does the wind. I have to wear a full snow suit while I work because it is so cold; my hands crack and bleed due to the freezing air too. I want heating and AC in my work station.

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