What is up with this heater?

I have been applying for new jobs online. I just want a teaching position that is near me, enjoyable pay and an alright school! Finding this position is harder than I thought, and every job posting I read about is just not a good fit. The school division is either easily bad, the staff is not right or the grade level available is not what I want. It seems like I am never going to get a decent job in the teaching field. The longer I apply and get rejected, the less I want to teach too. I can’t help but think about the cons of teaching–Getting up so early would be awful, making lesson plans, doing after school activities and doing bus duty would be horrible. Also, if the school is poor, they don’t even have good HVAC. In the north, every school has to have heating. I suppose there would be a gas heater system. But, the worse off the school, the worse the heating system is… I have worked as an adjunct in schools where they use an outdated boiler system that can barely heat the whole school. If you are at the end of the school, you basically get no heating all afternoon long. Some schools even set the boilers on a heating program. The heating system turns on as youngsters arrive, and turns off when they leave. That means for the teachers that go early, they are in an unheated building–do I actually want to deal with that on the job? Right now I work from my house and I have perfect climate control. Giving that up would be rough.

heater tune-up 

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