I am so cold right now

Yes! It’s vacation time again! That doesn’t mean I’m loading up the family and hopping aboard a plane for an exotic getaway or anything like that! I’m just excited that we’ll be staying at our in-law’s condo without them being at home this weekend! What’s so fantastic about that, you ask? Well, they live in a posh, costly condo for starters. This place is huge and unlike somewhere I’ve ever been allowed to be before.

            We never entirely get to appreciate the house, though, since we’re always hanging around our in-laws. This weekend is wonderful and I am living in the lap of luxury. The first order of business was understanding how to use their costly thermostats around the house! You see, they have many separate temperature control units that we’ve never been able to adjust ourselves before. It seemed rather rude to change their heating and cooling conditions, so I’ve never even said a word when I was freezing to death in the middle of the day or burning alive in the heat of the night. Not this weekend, though. I’m going to increase all the indoor air conditions settings to meet our exact likes.

           Since I have zone controlled heating and cooling systems at our disposal, I’m making every single room the perfect temperature settings for our own preferences. I have the A/C running in the bed room, so I can sleep at night. The radiant radiant floors are operating in the tiled bedroom so our toes feel toasty; Best of all, the whole-condo air purifier is at full strength in the bathroom, so I can avoid my hubby’s aftermath. This is the finest weekend of our lives..

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