My camper has some decent plumbing

There are quite a few things that can go wrong when you’re dealing with plumbing! My spouse rents out these giant campers to families who need them for various trips and holidays. Before a camper goes out with a rental, my spouse does a serious inspection of each camper. He checks out all of the mechanical parts, the tires, the slides on the doors, and the living room. The only other area that he checks out is the plumbing. I am not entirely sure if you’ve ever had to deal with the plumbing on a camper or a travel trailer in the past, but it’s different from your average plumbing. Everything is so much more compact, smaller, and it costs way more to repair than it should! That’s my opinion though. We haven’t had many setbacks with the plumbing so far, but just the other month the toilet in our largest travel trailer started having setbacks when he went to flush the tanks. He always flushes totally clean water through all of the tanks just to make sure that everything is in excellent working order for his next renter. When he came to understand that the toilet pipes were having setbacks, he tried to repair the plumbing problem all on his own. It turns out that plumbing in camper lavatories is a little more complicated than he imagined. He ended up calling a plumbing specialist who also happened to be certified for legitimately working on RVs to come out to our dwelling and take care of a plumbing maintenance call on our camper. Together, they easily got the problem fixed so our largest travel trailer was ready to rent out to the next renter.


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