We have clean pipes

My husband as well as I are up to our knees in the middle of a beach dwelling renovation project as well as it is driving us mad… Everything in our dwelling seems to be torn to pieces right now, as well as there is stuff pretty much everywhere. Because I’m a little bit of a control freak when it comes to having our dwelling clean as well as neat, it’s honestly incredibly difficult for me not to stress out. Our dwelling is honestly old as well as we had this aged pipe running under our hallway to connect the bathroom to the plumbing drain outside that runs underground to the city sewer system. Well, this ancient dilapidated pipe ended up cracking down the middle as well as our basement began to flood basically every single time it rained. I have no understanding of how all of these pipe systems genuinely work, but the plumber let us know that they are all connected somehow. Anyway, in order to get to this huge, old, cracked pipe, we had to completely rip out the floor of our hallway as well as our kitchen. Under all of the flooring as well as sub-flooring, we found nothing but dirt! I can’t believe I have exposed dirt in our dwelling just so we can get to this ancient broken pipe. This week, we are planning on digging all around the pipe to try to get to a point where we will be able to cut it as well as then upgrade it with the new pipe that the plumber brought over to our dwelling. My husband as well as I are trying to do all the difficult work ourselves so the plumber will just have to charge us for minimal labor fees of connecting all the plumbing respectfully. It’s going to cost us a great deal of money anyway, that’s inevitable, but hopefully the plumbing as well as drain problem will be fixed soon as well as I can stop residing in a home with dirt floors.

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