Cleaning all the pipes

You know, there are times when I believe plumbers get a bad name. Probably most of the time when you think about a plumber, you pretty much think of some random sloppy guy by the name of Joe who has extremely trouble keeping his pants pulled up. And so he has that very stereotypical, ever-present and aptly named “plumbers’ crack.” I personally never was able to understand how anyone, plumbers especially, could work very well with their butt cracks hanging out. I’m pretty sure that a vast majority of plumbers are well aware of the state of their pants however somehow they’ve all been given this terrible stereotype. Of course, in our experience, the plumbers that we’ve worked with have never been anything other than serious professionals! Both of us had a plumber from one of our local plumbing companies come out to our dwelling a few weeks ago to take care of a drainage problem that all of us were having with our outdoor plumbing lines and he was dressed especially neatly in a pressed uniform with his name on the pocket. He had a nice looking haircut and he carried himself with confidence. This guy was super smart as well! He knew just about everything there was to know about our plumbing setbacks and then he fixed the drainage setback within an hour of arriving at our dwelling. I seriously believe that plumbers are some intelligent and professional people overall! I wish I had a plumber in our own family, because truly, the only thing that I didn’t approve of about the plumber that came to our dwelling was the extravagant repair bill that all of us had to pay afterward! If I had a plumber inside the family, then maybe he would offer us the family plumbing maintenance discount!

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