The first few guests have arrived

When you’re planning a major birthday party for your partner’s 40th birthday, the last thing that you want to have happen is for something to go completely wrong with your plumbing! Unluckily, that is precisely what happened to me not too long ago when I was tied up getting ready for my partner’s cookout and barbecue party. The two of us had roughly fifty people coming to our home and I was going crazy getting everything prepared for this immense dinner party. The two of us had tents arranged outside, along with a couple of firepits and lots of food and drinks set up everywhere. Roughly an hour before people were due to start showing up, I observed that there was water seeping out into the hallway carpet from beneath the door of the guest bathroom. At first I couldn’t even believe what I was witnessing. Out of all the things that could go wrong, this was genuinely the worst thing that could happen to me! I opened the door and saw that there was water all over the floor in the bathroom. It seems that there was a pipe that had burst and water was running basically all over the place. We wouldn’t be able to use the sink or the toilet in the guest bathroom and we were getting ready to have fifty guests at our place! I didn’t waste any time in the slightest. I instantly called our local emergency plumber. I told him I didn’t care how much it was going to cost, I wanted them to send an emergency plumbing crew to my dwelling instantly! The plumbers showed up in their truck in about a half an hour. They ran into the dwelling just like a plumbing pit crew. They made the repairs in record timing and I was just finishing mopping up the water from the broken pipe when the first guests made it to our dwelling. I gave the plumbers an immense tip for a job well done!

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