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I’ve always wanted to be a business owner. I would display local art and music in a cafe, with fresh coffee and a bakery, and even host some sort of open mic night for local singers. I finally bought the most ideal little nook in town to be able to open my business, and I am really excited for our grand opening in just a few months. My biggest concern right now is making sure the HVAC units are installed and working perfectly. Local, non franchised stores depend on customer loyalty and recommendations to stay profitable. If my customers aren’t at ease with the temperature, they won’t wish to stay and enjoy the music, art and culture from my shop. Climate control is really important to establishing the overall atmosphere on the small cafe. I am really lucky of which my HVAC technician spent the time working with me to help me pick a qualified size for the air conditioning equipment. Finding the right air conditioner to keep your cool temperatures is important, and finding one this may right size and cost effective is a good idea. The technician came to purchase a modest sized air conditioner and quite possibly allowed me to schedule a tune up for maintenance in one year’s time. I’m so excited for ones coffee shop to open, I know it will be a great place for customers to relish the summer sun, whether they tend to sit outside, or  indoors experiencing the central air conditioning. I will definitely have my HVAC repairman come by before the summer is up for any maintenance check on the heating unit to verify we are ready for drop and winter.

HVAC installation 

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