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Recently, I traveled across the country for work, from my home in the Northeast, to the Southwest, in mid-December.  When I left our house, it was 22 degrees and snowing profusely.  I spent nearly half an hour shoveling the driveway, brushing off our vehicle and scraping ice from the windshield. I ran the heat to warm the car up. I didn’t shut off the heating system in my house because I was worried our water pipes might burst. I simply turned the thermostat a bit lower, hoping to save energy and avoid a high bill for no reason.  I drove through a blizzard, parked a distance from the terminal, and dragged my suitcases through several feet of snow.  

Inside the airport, the furnace was sweltering! I was drenched with sweat by the time I arrived at my gate. Then, on the plane, the air conditioning was cranked up! I shivered for the whole flight – only then to endure more excessive heat during an hours-long layover!  

By the time I arrived at my destination, I had a headache and sore throat, and I felt sleepy.  I was still dressed in our Winter season clothes, and carrying our wool coat, when I stepped outside of the airport, into 98 degree heat! I was glad I had the coat, though, because when I got into the cab, for the hotel, the air conditioner was, again, cranked up too high!

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