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I remember last year when I ordered a much anticipated book that was just released. I usually wait until I can find new books on sale, even though I had been waiting years for this book to be released. I could not wait that long to read it. It was scheduled to be delivered last Sunday, so I patiently waited at my beach house for the delivery to arrive, but what a test of patience that was! As I was waiting, an HVAC repairman arrived at our door. I was slightly surprised. I had forgotten that I had an appointment to have our HVAC system cleaned and inspected. I let the nice guy in, and he promptly began cleaning out the HVAC ducts. It had been about 6 months since the last time our HVAC ducts were cleaned out, so I wasn’t expecting any major build up. I got my next surprise of the day when the HVAC repairman showed me some rat droppings he found in the HVAC ducts. It all made sense now. I had thought I heard some incredibly strange noises coming from the HVAC ducts just the other day. I was dismayed to find out I had a possible rodent complication in our HVAC system. The HVAC repairman did his very best to calm me down though. He assured me he would remove any rodent issue as painlessly as he could manage. He was accustomed to this “routine” HVAC system issue, and it is truly common. His calm demeanor served to calm me down also. By this time, I had totally forgotten about my book delivery. At this rate, I may write my very own book about this HVAC system escapade!

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