It’s way too cold in here

I am currently trying to make plus sell our own wine. My father is a grape farmer nad I have used his grapes to make our product. I have gone full out when it comes to our wine facility too. I have tons of carbouys, devices to measure sediment plus also materials to physically crush the grapes. What was the most pressing space of our wine facility was the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan though. Having climate control when making wine is key. You can’t let the wine drop below or raise about a certain temperature. Being the wrong temperature can honestly ruin a whole batch of wine. I had to invest in a super expensive heating plus cooling plan to control the temperature in our facility. The cooling plan works great plus hardly needs to be on. The wine facility is in the north plus it rarely gets warm enough to warrant air conditioning. What I actually worry about is the heating function for our wine facility. The north is pretty wild when it comes to how freezing it can get. Typically in the coldertime the space will get to be around 10 degrees. But, there is a actually real option that the weather can actually turn for the worst. Then the space experiences around -20 degree weather. The heating plan is not powerful enough to handle downside temperatures. Right now I am in the south trying to manage the northern furnace. I am concerned that I am going to arrive to our wine facility later on to a ruined batch of wine.

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