I refuse to admit I’m wrong

    I have been employed with a Heating and A/C supplier since 1979. Quality control is not always an easy job, but it’s a task I do for the company, because I’m the most experienced technician. I must make sure that all our HVAC technicians are meeting our standards for quality work and providing outstanding customer service to our customers. Usually, I make phone calls every after third or fourth employee visit. This method of obtaining feedback is an effective way to track the progress towards our goals.  We’ve found that providing feedback is very helpful for the HVAC technicians because it keeps them goal orientated and holds them accountable. Yesterday, I was checking up on relatively new HVAC repairman. A few months ago, we hired him to handle the service calls in the northern territory and to help with after hours emergency calls. When we first hired the HVAC technician, we placed him on probation for 120 days. During that period, he shadowed another certified Heating and A/C professional all day. Just recently, the HVAC technician completed his probationary period, and he’s been running calls by himself. Due to recent customer complaints, I followed up with an unhappy homeowner. The customer stated that our HVAC technician was smoking tobacco in his attic. When I confronted the HVAC technician, he denied the accusation. He said that the customer was a drunken old man and had no idea what he was talking about. I did notice that the customer seemed out of sorts. Nevertheless, I will be watching this HVAC technician a little closer from now on. I hope we don’t have to address this issue ever again.

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