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There are many pizza suppliers in my town, and they’re all on the same street too! There are only two places to get dry cleaning, and if you want to get ice cream you only have two choices. If you need groceries, your car washed or windows updated, you have one option! You also have one option with heating and cooling needs. There is a heating, ventilation, plus A/C supplier in our village right on main street. They are your only option unless you want to drive over an hour and a half out of town. Really, the local supplier is not bad. They have fairly cheap rates, enjoyable products plus the heating, ventilation, and A/C contractors are local gentlemen that you know. You can see your heating, ventilation, and A/C contractor at the bank, post office or shopping. It makes it super nice when you schedule an appointment, however, the only downside is that the business takes a lot of afternoons off. There is no such thing as HVAC emergency service. The supplier is open 9-5 on business days and no more. It seems like every holiday, the building is closed. If you have a heating system repair in the middle of the evening during Christmas, you are totally out of luck. If you want the A/C cleaned before your Fourth of July party, you need to schedule way in advanced, and the most irritating thing is the HVAC dealership also closes for an hour or so for lunch everyday… You can never get a heating, ventilation, and A/C tune up on a lunch split with work. You have to work around their schedule.

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