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Within an air conditioner there is a piece called the cooling coil… If something happens with the A/C, it’s probably due to the cooling coil. It is the most sensitive piece in the whole device. The cooling coil gathers moisture easily, so the coil frequently has mold growth on it that will ruin your indoor air quality, but also the cooling coil can freeze. I have been dealing with this issue lately. The cooling coil freezes into a solid hunk of ice. I realized it was because of the air filter. I got a new filter for my air conditioning system, and instantaneously and it helped the issue. The only trouble was that it did not last long. The air conditioner froze up again within a week. I discovered that my air filter once again was dirty. I then realized I am basically making as much mess as I can, which makes it hard for the A/C to work properly. My husband and I are remodeling our house, we are putting up drywall, sanding and taking down walls. The dust is flying all over my house, literally the whole house is covered in dust. It makes sense the air filter would clog up. Also, we have a cat that sheds. The cat leaves hair all over our home. The A/C system then turns on and circulates the air, and all that dirt and hair gets sucked back into the system. So the cooling filter gets dirty quickly, of course it clogs up and then in turn, freezes the coil on the cooling system. I guess I have to deal with no A/C when I remodel.

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