I can never keep the air clean

Words cannot explain how badly I suffer from seasonal allergies. I happen to live in an area of the country where the terms “seasonal” plus “allergies” really should not be said in the same sentence… The reason for this is that the allergy season goes on non-stop. It is an eternal issue for those of us who suffer with bouts of sneezing, coughing, plus itchy eyes! Because of this, I keep my Heating plus A/C system in perfect condition, or at least I try to anyway. I am also open to many different methods of combatting my allergies. My Heating plus A/C system is an excellent source of relief when I have a fully functioning air purifier as well. Periodically my a/c is not good enough. I have tried everything from essential oils, to other home remedies. A friend of mine recently suggested that I try locally harvested, raw honey plus my air purifier device plus other remedies. I decided to try it out. The specialty food store was right next to the Heating plus A/C corporation that I used, so I made a stop there also. I needed a current air filter, plus I also needed to set up my next Heating plus A/C system service appointment. I recognized the clerk behind the front desk of the Heating plus A/C business. He was actually my typical Heating plus A/C specialist. I purchased my current air filter, made an appointment for my next Heating plus A/C system service, plus picked up my next home remedy! I got home, changed out my filter, plus made myself a nice cup of tea with my new honey. I’m really hoping it works!

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