It seems to be getting worse

I am a total makeup junkie.  I regularly make sure to set aside a portion of our paycheck so I can go to the beauty store plus try out new products.  My makeup collection takes up half of our powder room plus our husband thinks I’m crazy for being so obsessed. When I’m not playing with our makeup, I am enjoying video tutorials plus reading reviews online.  I regularly am actually careful to take proper care of all of our weird products, and both of us recently moved to a new condo plus I actually deliberately organized our entire collection so everything was perfect.  Soon after, both of us had a heat wave come through plus I went to turn our air conditioning on. After a few hours of running the air conditioning component it became obvious that something was wrong. The temperature in the home was not going down plus the humidity seemed to be getting worse.  The temperature reached almost 100 degrees outside that afternoon; The heat in our home got so awful both of us had to go stay at our parents for the night because without the air conditioning to circulate air, both of us couldn’t get comfortable. The next afternoon when both of us came back cabin to wait for the air conditioning repair man, I realized our powder room was especially warm because the windows were closed.  When I worked on our makeup drawers I found that many of our lipsticks plus gel products were melting! Luckily, the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier was able to maintenance our air conditioning that same afternoon but sadly, it was too late for many of our favorite products.

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