We’re always sweating now

With my bedroom, I have a portable air conditioner installed inside window. The air conditioner is really small and rather old. I acquired it because a friend from mine was moving and giving the air conditioner away. I’ve had the air conditioner for approximately three years, and I absolutely adore it. My bedroom used to be so overheated and sticky through the summer months, that I couldn’t sleep during the night time. I would try running multiple fans, but that just moved the heat around and stirred up dust particles. I really don’t like the feel of an fan blowing hot, dirty air at me. The air conditioner fits right into the window, and is straightforward to install. It has a wireless remote that i keep right next to a bed, so that I can make adjustments in the middle of the night, without getting in place. I am able to arranged the temperature, change fan data transfer speeds, and take advantage of an electricity saving mode. For the previous three summers, that little air conditioner provides kept my bedroom perfectly cool. This summer, however, we are getting especially hot and humid conditions. During the day, the temperature climbs up into the high nineties, and it doesn’t cool off much at night. My entire house appears like an oven, and I am constantly sweating. My portable air conditioner is having real difficulty handling heat. It runs steadily all evening long, and I’m not beautifully cool. I frequently wake up inside the night, drenched with sweat. I’m confused if the air condition is old, and not working for peak capacity anymore, or if the weather is simply too brutal.

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