I could feel the warm air

    My wife and I decided to join a daily yoga class when we were experiencing a lack of focus. We used to attend yoga classes for free while we were living on campus at college. But, since we graduated and got married we haven’t gone to yoga classes and we are starting to feel that we are missing it in our lives. We felt that our minds were not clear, so we started looking for a yoga studio near our condo.  We visited several yoga studios, before finding the right one. We chose a yoga studio that had a single unique feature, that really made the difference for us. This yoga studio had radiant floors installed everywhere. Since the two of us lived up north in freezing weather conditions, radiant floors were a huge factor in our decision to attend this yoga studio. During our free trial class, we could feel the sizzling heat radiating up from below our yoga mats. The warmth was an amazing feeling. Right away, we knew this was the right studio for us. The yoga instructor seemed to be friendly and knowledgeable. He was also the owner of the studio. The instructor asked us what our deciding factor had been, when making our decision on his yoga studio. We both told him how impressed we were with the radiant heated flooring. He laughed out loud, and said that is the response he gets from most of his customers. He went on to tell us that he had installed the radiant heated flooring two years ago, because everyone was complaining about the studio being so cold all the time. Since installing the radiant floors, his wintertime yoga classes have doubled in size.

heated flooring 

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