It’s time to enter the game

I watch T.V. way more than I want to admit. I just can’t help it! I get sucked into the reality shows and then I just can’t stop following the crazy storylines. I absolutely love the cooking shows. I could watch those for hours and hours and I generally do. I  will buy all the ingredients and try to cook the recipes alongside the contestants. It can be an absolutely exciting form of entertainment. The only thing about T.V. I can’t deal with are the commercials, and lately, there is this single commercial from the local Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. It goes on and on about how economical window box a/c units are nowadays. I just don’t like it. I don’t have any form of a/c, just heating for the Winter season. I have seen time and again that a/c eats up your budget so much worse than any other utility cost! So, I didn’t even want to be tempted. I was just good with my stationary fans. But, this commercial was bugging me so much, with its incessant ploy of being an affordable modern a/c. I have a narrow budget and couldn’t even consider it. But, finally, I decided to call down to the local Heating and Air Conditioning people and ask more about their window box cooling systems I figured talking couldn’t hurt much, and well, I quickly was getting sold on this plan and decided to jump into the game. The first night, I admit, it was pure heaven to have such cool air on a sizzling warm season’s night. I suppose I used it too much and was getting so dependent on it. Then, when the bill came later that week, I was shocked at the low cost. It absolutely did ease the budget and was more economical.

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