Getting an air conditioner in my house

I have to say, I seriously don’t like that this keeps happening. It seems that almost every year, I am attending another friend’s funeral service. It is undoubtedly devastating as well as I wish it would just stop. I don’t know how much more our heart can take. The last man that passed away who became close with our family was our Heating as well as A/C specialist, think it or not. This guy was awesome as well as he consistently went above as well as beyond with his service! He was getting up there in years as well as our husband would consistently wonder when he was going to retire, even though he was our number one Heating as well as A/C repair worker of all time! He consistently would give myself and others a difficult time about it, however when he would work on our Heating as well as A/C system, I would consistently give him a nice tip. I would basically end up shoving the money in his pocket as well as have him be on his way. He was such a kind hearted individual, not unlike most of our friends that have been in our life; Now every year when I take a moment to guess about all our friends who have passed away, I include everyone including our good Heating as well as A/C worker who has been such a nice man in our lives. I consistently pour out a little bit of liquor for everyone in their remembrance! I do this every single year right before the current year, as well as I consistently hope that I don’t lose another loved 1 anytime soon. I usually come to tears when I guess about all the loved 1s I have lost, but I do the only thing I can, remember them!

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