It’s been hot for a while

If there’s one thing that brings me immense joy in life, it’s messing with my mom. She’s such a high strung and hilarious woman that I just can’t help myself. It’s too much fun to get her all riled up and see what happens after that. To be fair, it’s not just me – my older brothers also get a real kick out of tormenting my mother on a regular basis. That’s why we pooled our money together and bought her a whole new HVAC system last year. Her old heating and cooling system had really been going downhill for a number of years, and my mom was too cheap to update her old furnace or AC unit. That’s when we got together and decided it was time to have the air temperature control system replaced once and for all. We knew we needed to get her an energy star rated furnace and brand new AC unit so that her house could be effectively and efficiently heated and cooled for the first time in a decade. The thing is, as we discussed updating her HVAC system, we also decided to replace the thermostat. We decided to put in a smart thermostat rather than the same old digital air temperature control unit. And we decide not to tell her. After the HVAC technicians left and we were left to our own devices, we programmed the thermostat so we could make modifications from our cell phones. We did not tell my mother about these remote thermostat applications… and that’s how we wanted it. Now, whenever we feel like adding a little spice to life, we just change the air temperature control settings and wait for my mom to notice.

AC tune-up 

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