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I live in the middle of nowhere, on a dirt road with nothing around me but the forest. I love the peace and quiet and privacy, but where I live it’s nearly impossible for people to find my house.  While I am glad that there is no traffic on the road plus I have no noisy neighbors, still there are downsides. I always have to drive long distances to shop at a grocery store, go to the post office, bank, or even the gas station. Whenever I order takeout or need a maintenance man to come perform a task, there is a big hassle with delivery drivers and repairman with locating my place.  Since I am located in the northeastern area of the country, I go through some legitimately severe weather, especially in the Winter. I depend on my gas furnace for multiple weeks at a time through year, so I need it operating well plus be reliable! Last December, when the temperature had went down to three degrees, the furnace suddenly quit. I attempted everything I could think of to get it operating properly, but nothing helped. I finally located the closest Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning contractor in hopes of repair. I carefully stated how to find my house, and had warned that GPS would not lead them directly to my door. The guy guaranteed me that his professional would not have an issue. The professional was set to arrive between 10AM and 2PM, unfortunately he never showed up. I got back in touch with the local contractor, and was told that the repairman had been unable to find the house! Since I was without heat, sweating, and very annoyed. I again went over the instructions to getting to my house, made an appointment, and waited for the repair. When the professional didn’t arrive, I had to call the company back. I demanded an exact arrival time and promised to be out by the road so I could flag the guy down.  

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