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I’ve finally acquired my law degree!  After so many years in college, I have my law degree, and a new job along with it working in corporate law in a downtown legal practice.  We specialize in real estate law, wills and estates, civil litigation and personal injury. I actually interned here last year for almost a full year, so I’m quite familiar with this particular law firm and quite comfortable here.  Of course, interning and actually practicing law are two totally different things, but I’m certainly looking forward to the huge challenge ahead. I’ll be given the chance to put into practice what I’ve been learning about in all my expensive reference books these last few years, and it’ll all be worth it, once I’m finally writing my own wills, practicing real estate law, and helping some poor guy with a personal injury case.  In fact, I’ll have to eventually decide one type of legal practice to concentrate on in particular, but I’ll have time to try it all, and decide which of the areas of law that I will wish to concentrate on the most. It’s early still, and while I was interning here, I only touched on the various types of law we practice here, but I feel like I might be leaning towards personal injury. I just like the idea of the downtrodden getting the upper hand in a personal injury case where someone hurt someone else, and that offender will be dealt with under the laws that we have in place for wrongful actions, whether they be intentional or accidental.

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