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Once upon a time I looked down on mobile homes, however these afternoons I am singing a odd tune. I think it is because as a kid I had a few relatives who lived in mobile homes, plus they treated them adore garbage. The sites were dirty, in terrible shape, plus needing a lot of upkeep, but now I realize the problem wasn’t with the structure, it was with the residents, my best friend moved into a terrific little mobile home, plus I liked it so much that now I am joining him as a neighbor! One of the concerns I thought I had with them was the air conditioners. I was told as a kid that mobile homes couldn’t handle central Heating plus Air Conditioning systems. I don’t know if mobile condo technology has improved since then, or Heating plus Air Conditioning technology, or both, however our new mobile condo has amazing heating plus cooling. I don’t have a central Heating plus Air Conditioning system, however instead use something called a ductless mini cut A/C unit. This air conditioner is small, compact, energy efficient, plus powerful enough to cool down our entire condo in fourths. Who would even want an archaic central air conditioning system plan when they could have this instead? The air filters inside this thing are so amazing I was able to know the difference in air quality on the first evening. In addition to everything else, it also serves as a space oil furnace in the winter. If I didn’t have such a great climate control system, maybe I wouldn’t love our mobile condo quite so much.

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