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My partner and I are excited to be expecting our first child.  My partner was the only child and has consistently dreamed of having a big family.  He wants to make everything perfect for when the baby arrives, particularly when it comes to safety.  The two of us already have every car seat that our baby will need from newborn to when he is more than seven years old.  He has thrown safety locks on every drawer from the kitchen to the powder room and even the ones that the baby wouldn’t be able to reach until he is a teenager.  I realized that he was going much too far, when he was planning to have our gas gas furnace changed because it produced tiny amounts carbon monoxide that are eventually vented from the house.  I called the heating and a/c dealer to inspect our gas furnace and to point out to my partner what every one of us could do to make our gas furnace as safe as could be without having to replace it.  The heating and a/c professional explained to my partner that a well repaired and efficiently burning gas furnace will produce extremely little quantities of carbon monoxide gas. He offered him a list containing everything that we could do to prevent our gas furnace from producing lethal amounts of carbon monoxide gas.  Twice a year, once in the Springtime and once during the fall, we should have our gas furnace repaired and taken care of by a quality heating professional. This is necessary so the heating and a/c professional can inspect the combustion chamber for small fissures that may not be entirely seen! The poisonous gas leaks through these very small cracks in the gas furnace combustion chamber.  Once the Heating and A/C professional placed a carbon monoxide alarm by the gas furnace my partner’s anxiety subsided.

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