This is the result of 20 years of work

I got lucky, I will be the first to admit it. There are a lot of singers, songwriters, plus songsians who are so much better plus more talented than I am. No arguments there! I was in the right place at the right time, had a single hit wonder pop song, plus made a boatload of cash from it. I already got a happier ending than I deserve, so I decided to double down, plus use our cash to support the lifestyle I typically wanted. I wanted to a landowner with a nice house plus a private studio, with enough extra cash to keep the lights plus the HVAC method running. To me, having a great HVAC method was an essential space of both the house plus the studio. If I was going to be spending hundred or even thousands of hours in this studio, it needed perfect weather conditions control. The weather conditions control would ensure comfort, of course, but just as much a priority was ensuring a high indoor air conditions. My voice is our livelihood, plus that superior air quality was going to help keep our voice as young plus supple as possible. That was various years ago, plus I have to say the studio is great, the HVAC method is perfect, plus our life is just what I wanted it to be. I play only as many shows plus concerts as I need to pay the bills, the rest of the time I stay sequestered in our perfectly weather conditions controlled studio plus keep making our own private songs.

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